Our mission at THRIVE yoga is to provide a space in our community to enrich bodies, minds and spirits. While our classes offer a great physical workout, we emphasize mindfulness and breathwork that will translate off the mat and into everyday life. Our goal is to help students embody yogic principles and ethics in ways that are unique to each individual, to create space for self-care and self-love and to inspire gratitude, compassion and joy within our community. May the practice of yoga clear space along your path for new beginnings and endless possibilities to THRIVE. 


Allen holds a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and has worked with people with physical and emotional challenges for over 15 years.  A former competitive gymnast, competitive gymnastics coach and professional ballet dancer, she has experienced many years using and misusing the physical body and has lived with pain and challenges that go along with that.  It was during her two pregnancies and becoming a mother, where she gained a new understanding of the healing and spiritual practices of yoga.  She feels compelled to push herself and to inspire others to push themselves beyond current physical and spiritual boundaries. She received her 200-hour teacher training in Hatha Yoga and 300-hour 26x 2 training through Gianna Purcell and Science of Self training through Erin Rose Vaughn. She feels that as a yoga community we can uncover our truest selves and together promote better conditions for all.